"SMART" pedicure

Gergert Beauty Academy is only one studio in Singapore where you can enjoy “Smart” pedicure!

We use innovative method with “Smart” discs. The main differences are:

  • SMART Disk runs the entire surface and handles a large area in a very effective way.

  • SMART disk is made of surgical steel. In GBA every single tool passes three steps of disinfection – 100% hygiene!

  • SMART disk removable files consist of silicon carbide and do not “tear” the skin but gently work with it . Removing the dead skin and polishing your feet the same time.

  • Unnecessary to mention but very important to remind that we use disposable file for each client!

  • SMART disk has 6 types of abrasiveness. Our nail masters choose the correct abrasive for every kind of skin so it works the best and specially for your feet!

  • SMART disk polishes the skin so it grows very slowly and stay smooth and shiny for longer time!

We guaranty you have never experienced anything like “Smart” pedicure!