Lash Enhancement

Lash botox
Lash botox


“Vitamin lash Botox” is not just lash lifting, it’s the best and healthiest eyelash treatment!

LashBotox is full of vitamins and oils, a nourishing treatment for eyelashes - meant to be used with lash lamination. Treatment that also provides aesthetic effect - creating a curl and thickening eyelashes for up to 40%.

Lash Botox is a hydrolyzed collagen mask with the keratin for eyelashes that also contains Argan oil and proteins. The nourishing mask fills the natural lash with collagen and keratin making them smoother and giving them a thicker look. It will help to repair damaged lashes, to stimulate the growth of the eyelashes, to protect against the negative impact of environment.

Eyelashes after the treatment don't require any additional care. It's very safe and comfortable for you.

No harsh chemicals, paraben free, no formaldehyde, hypoallergenic, and cruelty free!

Lash extensions
Lash extensions


Eyelash extension is about adding length, volume, and creating a style that NO more mascara or strip lash can deliver. Applied with proper skill and cared for appropriately, they outlast and outperform ANY makeup technique by weeks… even longer!


We are using the finest lashes which do not weigh down the natural lash, minimal of glue and proper isolation which don’t damage the follicle.

NO more panda eyes, especially in humid Singapore weather!

Eyelash extensions by Gergert Beauty Academy lasts up to 7 weeks, gradually falling out with your eyelashes which lifecycle is complete,  without any refill and keep your lashes looking fresh and fuller!

Our lash artist will advise  you the perfect volume of eyelash extensions and of course, according to your preferences, length and thickness of your natural eyelashes:

  • Classic full lash extensions

  • Russian 2D full volume lash extensions

  • Russian 3D full volume lash extensions

  • Russian 4D full volume lash extensions